Dental Care Is Important and Available 

Medicaid has a dental benefit. Find out more in the post below on Medicaid Dental. There are three kinds of Medicaid dental programs. Children and young adults, 0-21, qualify for Healthy Kids Dental. Adults age 22-64 who have the Healthy Michigan Plan will have dental coverage through their managed care plan once they have chosen a Medicaid health plan. Some adults, and adults who are 65+, get "fee for service" dental services, otherwise known as "straight" Medicaid.

Buying dental insurance is an option

If you have medical insurance from the Marketplace or your employer but no dental insurance, you can purchase dental coverage during Marketplace Open Enrollment (this year, November 1, 2018-December 15, 2018), or during a special enrollment period, if you qualify..  You do not have to buy it from the Marketplace.  Many dental insurers offer affordable plans not available on the Marketplace.  In the state of Michigan, two popular dental insurers are Delta Dental and Blue Cross.  Just like medical insurance, you cannot buy comprehensive dental insurance outside Open Enrollment unless you qualify for a special enrollment period.